Restoration! Restoration! Restoration!

. Architectural Restoration

. Fountain Restoration

. Art Work Restoration

. Picture Frames Restoration, etc.

Pink House Studios’ master moldmaker Mark Prent has 40 years of experience as a professional sculptor, mold-maker, caster and restorer.

Almost all three-dimensional retoration involves modelling missing parts; making molds of those parts, casting into those molds; and finally, integrating the cast replacements into the original object. Restoration is a discipline that requires mastery of a number of different arts that we are highly qualified to practice here at Pink House Studios. Just achieving color-match and integration is a precision art specialty, all to itself. This is something at which we excel at Pink House Studios. We can, and have, restored large figures for public fountains, when sections have been broken away and completely lost due to vandalism etc. For fountain work, we use polyester resin and fiberglass which, if necessary, is further reinforced with stainless steel. This material will withstand constant running water without detriment to the restoration.

We have restored and reproduced many architectural forms, such as life-size (and larger) figures, capitols, moldings etc. We can replace missing parts of bronzes using our skills at modelling and molding; then casting the replacement parts in bronze. These replacement parts are then bronze-welded to the original, integrated and finished to complete the restoration. Alternately, we can reproduce lost or missing parts to bronze sculptures using a cold-cast metal process (inculcated/composite bronze) incorporating metallic powders and pigments in a gypsum-polymer base. This is significantly less-expensive. Many cast metal art pieces that have the appearance of bronze are, in fact, made from a composite or inexpensive white metal that has been surface-pigmented to resemble bronze. When this is the case, we recommend the latter procedure which is significantly less expensive than restoration in hot-cast bronze. We have used this method as well to restore broken and missing parts of elaborate picture frames to excellent effect, gold-leafing over the repairs to match the rest of the frame.

Please do not e-mail questions regarding restoration because e-mail answers are time-consuming to type-up, and often involve several of our own questions. Instead, please telephone Mark Prent at (802) 524-7191 to discuss all of your restoration needs. He can then explain all the possible options. Mark is usually available by telephone on Mondays, Tuesday mornings, or Fridays (all day). You can, of course e-mail photos for his reference.

We look forward to serving your restoration needs.