This is a very cool new material we at Pink House Studios just couldn’t resist offering to our imaginative clientel!

Product Description
ICE-fects is a two-part, room temperature condensation cure silicone material, that cures crystal clear. It was designed specifically for the Special Effects trade and is ideal for use as fake “ice” or “glass,” and can be useful for any application where clarity is required. The mix ratio is 10:1.

Typical Properties
Uncured: Component “A” Component “B”
Appearance Translucent Translucent
Viscosity,cps 700 20
Specific gravity 0.97 0.92
Mix Ratio 10:1

Catalyzed properties (10% cat (exp)
Pot Life 35-minutes
Demold time 4-6 hours

Cured properties at Maximum Strength (3 days @ 25C)
Durometer 30
Linear shrinkage <0.3

Cure Characteristics Curing process begins as soon as catalyst is mixed with base. Under normal temperature and humidity conditions (25C and 50% RH), cure will occur as described above. Major changes in temperature (+/- 5 degrees) or humidity (>60-70%)may alter cure profile. If product is to be used with aggressive resins such as high styrene polyesters, rubber should be allowed to cure for 48 hours.

Mixing and De-aeration For optimal performance, dispense 95-100 parts (by weight) of ICE-fects rubber and 10-parts (by weight) of catalyst into a clean, compatible metal or plastic container. Container volume should be 3-4 times the volume of material to be mixed to allow for expansion of siloxane material as it de-gasses.

Mix thoroughly while minimizing air-entrapment, until a homogeneous mixture results (mixture takes on a uniform appearance with no visible striations). Once mixed, material may be de-aired 2 to 3 times by intermittent evacuation for a few minutes to minimize bubbles in the cured material. Typically, after releasing vacuum 2-3 times, the mass will collapse upon itself, at which time vacuum should be left on only 2-4 minutes longer. Please note: de-aeration is not absolutely necessary unless you are pouring very thick sections or require completely bubble-free perfection.

Shelf Life and Storage ICE-fects and catalyst have an expected shelf-life of twelve months, if they are stored in their containers in an environment that does not exceed 90F.

ICE-fects (one pound)………………………………………………………………………$28.