Architectural elements and statuary

 …Available from Pink House Studios.

Over our thirty year history as Pink House Studios, we have had the opportunity to make molds and castings of a number of architectural elements and examples of statuary.  We keep these molds in our inventory and can make castings to order.

If you see something in our gallery (below) that you would like to order, please contact us at (802) 524-7191.  Keep an eye on this page because we will be adding new items from time to time and might have just what you’ve been looking for.  A variety of finishes can be achieved in your custom casting.

. Outside dimensions of capitol is 14.5-in X 14.5-in.  Cast in Forton and fiberglass.


. Art nouveau acanthus lighting rosettes; shown in two sizes and as a mirrored ornament;  available 12-in. diameter and 15-in. diameter.  Forton and fiberglass.

 . Large gold-leaf painted frame casting is 78-in. high X 39-in. wide.  Cast in Forton and fiberglass


. “Marble” pedestal is 44-in. high.  Shown in polyester resin and fiberglass.

. Carved pedestal (original is shown in the picture) is 45-in. high.  Custom castings available in Forton and fiberglass.

. Copper/verdigris finished female head; life-size.  Forton and fiberglass.

. “Mercury” 72-in. high, including round plinth.  Forton and fiberglass.


. Cherub, (Forton and fiberglass castings shown in copper/verdigris and white finishes) is 33.25-in. high

.Monumental “Lincoln” and “Washington” busts are each approx. 42-in. high X approx. 27-in. wide.  Forton and fiberglass.



. Hollywood Recency table is 41.5-in. long X 22.25-in. wide X 19.25-in. high.  Carved wood original shown.  Castings available in Forton and fiberglass.


.Monumental Classical Urn.  20-in high overall; outside diameter, 13.5-in.; diameter of opening: 7.75-in.  Shown in Forton, copper powder and fiberglass.