Fiberglass Options

Fiberglass is not included in the Forton Scuptor Kit, or with the 55-gallon drum.  It may be purchased separately in the following two products:

8-lbs.  Fiberglass Chopped Strand (3/4″)………………………….$45.00

Biaxial woven fiberglass is a woven-type; but unlike conventional cloth, it conforms to contours (whereas a conventionally woven fiberlass cloth creates folds as it passes over changes in contour.)  

Due to the way it is woven, for the same weight of fiberglass cloth, it is 30% stronger than the conventionally woven material.

Woven fiberglass is less messy than fiberglass mat; and it soaks-up Forton more readily than does the mat. Depending upon the thickness of the fiberglass mat, the Forton may not soak all the way through it when you dip it into the mix; and, if it isn’t fully saturated, your casting will be weak.  This will not be the case when you use biaxial fiberglass.

When you cut the biaxial fiberglass into rectangles, whatever the size, please cut it so that the main direction of the weave is running the length of the piece and not across the width.  It is subtle, but you can see that the lines of the weave are more prominent in one direction.  Those more prominent lines need to be oriented in the same direction as the length of the piece you cut, no matter how large or small the piece is.

12-oz. weight Biaxial Woven Fiberglass………$14.00 per sq.yd.