Individual Technical Workshops at Pink House Studios


We offer workshops individually tailored to the needs of our clients. These range from simple demonstrations of an assortment of techniques and materials for life-molding; through hands-on mold-making. We do custom portrait molds for our clients, and full-body molds. We also offer full-service molding casting and finishing.

All workshops are conducted by Mark Prent personally, together with his assistant; and, while each client may bring her or his own models or artistic collaborators, we never schedule two different clients for their custom workshops at the same time. We do this to ensure that your project and concerns can have our undivided attention. At your request, we can provide a model.

Without knowing exactly what you personally would like to accomplish in your molding and/or casting workshop, it is difficult to give very exact information as to how many days and how much material you will need; so please give us a call and we can discuss your specific project and the costs involved.

If no substantial life-molding is done in the workshop, only a few small areas of the body are involved, and no model or assistant is required; or if you just want to have some hands-on demonstrations of a lot of different materials and techniques, including having the opportunity to do a face-mold or head-mold from life; but are not concerned with taking home a finished casting or reusable rubber mold; your total materials expenses will probably be under $50. For such a workshop, a single day could be sufficient.

Of course, full-body molds and castings involve more materials and time, and greater expense; but if your project requires, for instance, two-and-one-half days, you will only be charged for two and-one-half days, not three full days.

We can do as much or as little of the work as you wish. About ten-days of work by a two-person team is required in order to do a full-body mold and head mold, and to cast and finish the entire figure. Just to make the body mold and cast into it, without removing the cast from the mold or joining the head and body sections, requires two-and-one-half to three full days of work. It takes another full day to demold and join all the parts.

In any case, I would suggest that you begin by ordering our video-tapes, Better One Piece Head Molds From Life and Success With Full Body Molds and Forton Castings, because they are extremely useful in preparing to get the most out of a workshop in life-molding. If you have had even a little life-molding experience, the video Better One Piece Head Molds From Life may be all that you need in the way of instruction for head-molds etc. Certainly, it is extremely detailed; but life-molding can be pretty challenging as you may already know. I think you will have a better idea of what is involved and how ambitious you are with regard to life-molding, once you have watched either or both of these videos a couple of times. They are packed with information about various material choices for life-molding and time-saving tricks.

There are motels in the vicinity, and we have a number of very nice, quite modestly priced restaurants nearby; a couple are outstanding! Our nearest airport is in Burlington, Vt; about 27-miles from here. Montreal is a one-and one-half hours’ drive from here.

We look forward to discussing your workshop/project specifically.
Just call us and ask for Mark Prent.