Custom Molding and Casting

Although life-molding and casting are our specialties, we can make molds of almost anything and everything.

We generally cast in Forton and fiberglass.  We can add metal powders to produce a very convincing “cold-cast bronze” casting, that simulates a Remington type of “chocolate bronze”, or a Rodin type of  “black bronze.”

We can make silicone molds from sulphur-free clay models, which can then be sent to a bronze foundry for traditional lost-wax bronze casting.

It should be noted that not all sulphur-free clays are compatible with all platinum-based silicone mold material.  For instance, Chavant brand soft clay is described as “sulphur free” but something in it still inhibits the cure of two of our platinum-based silicone rubbers and other platinum-based silicone rubbers we have used.  If you are unsure of the composition of your clay, we would have to test it before making a mold in silicone.

We do sell a sulphur-free clay that is completely compatible with all of our platinum-based silicones.

We can arrange for models for your life-molding project at our studio; but there is an additional fee for the model’s time.