Glass Eyes

We offer the finest quality German blown-glass human eyes of prosthetic grade with life-like veins; also, we have more economical hollow blown-spheres of superb quality.

We can supply custom-made eyes to match any color or example you care to give us.
Available colors: brown, dark brown, green, hazel, grey, dark blue and light blue.

Prosthetic Grade (adult size) $175.00 pair
Custom Made Prosthetic $200.00 pair
Hollow Blown Spheres (adult size, 26-mm) $65.00 pair

Also available are smaller and larger (for special effects) glass eyes in various other styles including “paperweight-type” dolls eyes. Sizes range from 4-mm to 200-mm. For prices, please tell us your specific needs.



*Prices do not include shipping. Phone or fax for exact quotes (802) 524-7191.