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This 130 page, high quality soft-cover book (12″ X 9.5″) from Pinkeye Press features 170 full-color and nine black-and white images.  Available at Pink House Studios Inc.  $35.00

If you’ve got a molding and casting job to do in 2019, or in the years ahead, you’ve come to the right place! We are the makers of the very finest molding and casting products including Ply-O-Life, Algiform, Reducit and Expandit…and we can make almost any mold or casting you might need!

No bells and whistles, everything you need to know is right here in our online catalog.  We do not maintain an automatic order function on our website because we find that our customers need and deserve individual attention.

To place an order, contact us at:  [email protected]  

 Or phone us at (802) 524-7191.

Pink House Studios is a life-molding company. We ourselves have been making molds from live models for over forty years. We make them, we teach how to make them, and we make available to other artists, the best possible materials instructional videos, and technology for life-molding. We’re the life-molding specialists; ask us. Phone us at (802) 524-7191

Pink House Studios also offers full restoration service for public sculpture, architectural details, fountains etc. Pink House Studio’s restorers are skilled in the wide assortment of technical arts required to make a successful restoration.

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 …designed and signed by Pink House Studios’  Mark Prent!


Special Offer! all four Pink House Studios renowned technical DVD titles for $184.76!!

.Better One Piece Head Molds From Life

.The User’s Guide to Reducit, Rubber Molds and Innovative Plastic Support Structures

.Success With Full Body Molds and  Forton Castings

.Mark Prent’s Ultimate Guide to Fine Figure Finishing With Glass Eyes, Embedded Hair and  Airbrush Coloring

Looking for life-molding classes? Do you want to study with the world’s foremost authority on molding from life? We offer that opportunity right here at Pink House Studios where you can take individual life-molding classes from Mark Prent, himself.

Technical workshops in life-molding and casting, and in specialty molding and casting are available at Pink House Studios on an individual basis.

We also do custom work involving life-molding; or any other molding and casting project. We delight in resolving complex technical challenges.

Phone Mark Prent to discuss your molding and casting workshop needs at (802) 524-7191.

Pink House Studios supplies disarticulated skull replicas in 22 parts for osteopaths. Each individual skull piece is hand cast and hand finished in our own studio to ensure that these are the most highly detailed and accurate disarticulated skull replicas available.


Visit our on-line source for prints, posters, and DVD’s of Mark Prent’s own artwork. The site is currently active, although still under construction. To order, phone 802-524-7191. www.MarkPrent.com

Thanks for visiting the Pink House Studios home page. We look forward to bringing you more and more innovations in the arenas of life-molding, general molding and casting, and osteopathic skull models. We welcome your comments and inquiries.

Pink House Studios Inc. 35 Bank St., St. Albans VT. 05478 U.S.A.

e-mail: [email protected]